More than just pushing paper

We transformed Xerox for the first time in 40 years.






While Xerox’s business has radically advanced during the past few decades, its brand identity stood still.

Expanding beyond copier solutions to cutting-edge business technology and expertise that simplifies how we work and manage content, it needed a significant transformation to accurately communicate the changes in its business strategy.

Our insights from research across geographic and demographic markets revealed that Xerox's brand identity failed to convey where it was heading. Savvy, enterprising, straightforward, and dependable – we identified the brand’s core characteristics, which inspired our redesign of its visual and verbal identity system, including a new brand identity and architecture.

We introduced an immersive brand engagement program to 57,000 worldwide employees, ensuring that the new brand communicates Xerox’s continual evolution and resonates with its most influential stakeholders.

Our analytics work not only identified what was enhanced by these changes, but also served as a baseline for measuring its contribution to the brand’s value over the short and long-term.

Recharged and reenergized, Xerox’s forward thinking brand is positioned to be a powerful business asset that cannot be easily replicated.