The balance to lead

We created the right logo for Citrovita.






Votorantim asked Interbrand to strategically position its portfolio’s business units. We analyzed all of the group’s companies. It soon became clear how expressive its brand Citrovita, the third largest concentrate orange juice producer in the world, is in the marketplace.

We decided that a unified brand positioning for the company was necessary—one that would not only enforce their values as part of the Group, but also allow for a certain degree of independence as a market leader.

We articulated the brand platform and established key messages to its audiences. We then created a logo that reflects Citrovita’s attitude towards its target audiences: It has momentum and consistency, it is flexible and transformative, it is transparent, and it knows how to innovate.

Citrovita’s communication reflects the brand’s ability to transform reality with a differentiated, humane, and creative personality.

Ready to compete with the largest in the world, today the brand is increasingly recognized for its ability to adapt and transform. The brand knows how to build, keep, and understand its important relationship with customers.