The Call of the Wild

The sound of strength and resilience






Volkswagen approached us with plans to launch a powerful new pickup truck in a field previously dominated by American and Asian automakers. Pickup trucks are indispensable as utility vehicles for transporting goods in South America, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, and Africa. They are also identified with a sense of freedom and adventure in less rugged regions of the world.

In order for the name to live up to this legend, it needed to work in a wide variety of target markets and evoke the desired associations across cultural and linguistic borders.

In the Inuit language, Amarok means “arctic wolf,” considered by the Eskimos of Northern Canada and Greenland to be the king of the wild. The name stands for the power, endurance, and the robust nature of the vehicle, which Volkswagen hopes will become the top choice in its segment. In Romanic languages, the word “Amarok” is associated with the meaning “he loves stones,” which emphasizes the vehicle’s ability to perform on all terrains.

In addition to the specific meaning of the name, its sound also makes a strong and lasting impression.

Amarok – that’s the call of the wild.