Building global recognition

A verbal identity system that reflects strong Chinese roots and a growing presence abroad






A rival of Visa and MasterCard in China, UnionPay is the only domestic bankcard organization and interbank network in the country. As a bridge to various bankcard systems, UnionPay has become a pivotal and crucial part of the banking card industry. With its business expanding rapidly and steadily, UnionPay realized that it would have to establish an effective brand image to help the business reach the next level.

Though it is already accepted in 141 countries and regions outside of China, UnionPay has big ambitions to become a globally recognized brand. After assessing UnionPay’s brand position and other key brand attributes, Interbrand created a new VI system that matched the brand’s ambitious business vision. Since its official launch in 2007, the new VI system was met with great success. In more recent years, we’ve continued to work closely with UnionPay on its product brands and improving the brand experience at every touchpoint.