Thomson Reuters Eikon

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Thomson Reuters Eikon

As part of its ongoing partnership with Thomson Reuters, Interbrand was called on to name and strategically position the product. The new product created a unique opportunity to build awareness and equity into the Thomson Reuters brand and use the brand’s credibility to enhance sales. Therefore it was imperative to position it as the optimal go-to-market brand for Thomson Reuters financial business unit and a game-changer within the financial industry.

Our global research explored both qualitative and quantitative employee and customer research across geographic and demographic markets. We captured the key insights and to build customer excitement, featured them in a documentary video focusing on customer needs. Interbrand also created a positioning statement and value proposition to clearly define and articulate the value and promise it would bring to the marketplace.

Interbrand then worked with Thomson Reuters to develop a name as revolutionary as the desktop itself—one that conveys leadership, intelligence and power. The idea that best resonated with the brand team was “empowering customers to achieve great heights.” We presented name candidates on iTouches to speak to the technological, yet intuitive nature of the offer. Eikon immediately stood out as a contender. A Greek word, it is the origin of the English word “icon.” The team chose the name for its global appeal, distinctive tonality and definition as an enduring symbol, suggesting lasting impact over time; a continuous journey of achievement through knowledge.

Thomson Reuters Eikon launched in 2010 under the tagline “New era. New tools.” As it has rolled out across the globe, the response to Eikon has been unprecedented, particularly in emerging markets such as Asia.

This is a brand that is living the maxim: Be Iconic.