From managing risk to accelerating business

Making Thomson Reuters Accelus a reality.





Thomson Reuters Accelus

As the world looks to new horizons of optimism and growth, these regulations, while critical, have the potential to paralyze companies. The volume and complexity can compromise speed to market, deter expansion to new yet complex regulatory markets, and ultimately slow down the global economy.

Thomson Reuters uncovered a critical insight in the world of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). GRC impacts many people within an organization, however those people are not talking to each other today. This disconnect significantly hinders an organization’s ability to swiftly react to regulatory changes.

Interbrand partnered with Thomson Reuters to look at their ability to deliver on this insight. While they had many of the key pieces in their portfolio today, they realized that in order to change the conversation from managing risk to accelerating global businesses, they had to build a new, revolutionary offer.

After talking to key stakeholders and analyzing market dynamics, Interbrand recommended that all relevant GRC products in the Thomson Reuters portfolio – namely Complinet, Westlaw® Business, and Paisley – should be represented by a new brand. The new brand was built on three strategic pillars: dynamic connections, proactive insight, informed outcomes. These pillars were critical in helping the organization change behaviors and deliver unique value.

The brand also needed a new name. And the name had to be as revolutionary as the offering itself—one that conveyed speed, collaboration, and leadership. Through an exploratory of thousands of name candidates, only one immediately stood out as the most compelling option: Accelus. Accelus suggests acceleration (Accel-), a core benefit, and collaboration (-Us), a critical requirement for success.

"From helping us to envision what the offering could look like, to articulating a strategy that uniquely positions us in the marketplace, and developing a compelling new name, Interbrand’s partnership was instrumental in making the idea of Thomson Reuters Accelus a reality” said Eileen Lynch, Head of Global Brand Strategy, Advertising and Marketing.

Thomson Reuters Accelus launched April 20th 2011, immediately signaling a powerful change in the market toward a faster, more agile future built on collective advancement.