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Bringing Thomson Reuters Cortellis to life





Thomson Reuters Cortellis

Thomson Reuters has long been a leader in the Life Sciences industry. Featuring comprehensive and authoritative content and best-in-class software and tools, pharmaceutical professionals around the world have relied on the Life Sciences business of Thomson Reuters to help them pursue impactful healthcare discoveries.

In January 2011, Thomson Reuters turned to Interbrand to explore new ways to elevate and enhance its portfolio and better serve its customers. After conducting qualitative research and speaking with stakeholders, we found that Life Sciences professionals craved an integrated experience that would better support and inform their work.

Leveraging this insight, we determined that there was an opportunity to bring many Thomson Reuters Life Sciences offerings together under one unified brand. Accessible via a technologically advanced platform, the new brand would transform the way professionals interact with the data essential to their discoveries. And with all of the offerings in one place, the business would better support them at every step of their process, from discovery to development to launch.

“Our business needed a brand image that reflected the evolution of our capabilities,” said Wendy Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Thomson Reuters. “Interbrand worked closely with us and key stakeholders to develop a branding approach that allows us to articulate the new values we are bringing to our market, while also reducing brand confusion.”

In positioning the offering, Interbrand focused on the deep industry expertise of the Thomson Reuters team. As a global team of pharmaceutical and Life Sciences professionals, Thomson Reuters Life Sciences is unique in its ability to provide customers with critical insights and recommendations specific to their needs. Recognizing this, we landed on the positioning of “innovation partner,” highlighting the brand’s commitment to its customers, and its ability to make a profound impact on their discoveries.

We then utilized this positioning as a springboard for messaging, which centered on the ideas of customized knowledge, collaborative technology and the customer end-benefit of accelerated development.

The business also needed a name that would communicate these points of differentiation and bring the offering to life. Thousands of names and concepts were explored, but, in the end, the standout was Thomson Reuters Cortellis. Merging the words “core” and “intelligence,” the name touts the business as a critical knowledge center—the go-to source for the right information and services.

“Interbrand brought their deep knowledge of our business to bear in working with the Life Sciences team to create both the strategy and the story behind Thomson Reuters Cortellis,” said Eileen Lynch, Head of Global Brand Strategy, Advertising and Marketing at Thomson Reuters. “This work culminated in Interbrand’s development of the name, which was of the utmost importance as the Cortellis brand will represent Thomson Reuters in the Life Sciences space—acting as the partner professionals rely on to pursue the next health treatment breakthrough.”

Thomson Reuters Cortellis launched in October 2011, transforming the way professionals pursue and bring to life their discoveries, and making an indelible mark on the entire Life Sciences industry.