Transforming possibilities into reality

We developed the strategy to allow a great brand to acquire a new role.






Consequently, Telefónica decided to reorganize its brand portfolio, evolving towards a simplified and consistent model that implies a clear role for each brand and determines the audiences to which each brand relates. The Telefónica brand would no longer play a commercial role in the consumer market: It would become an institutional brand and its commercial brands Movistar/O2 will embrace almost the entire commercial offering. With this simplified system, Telefónica could create synergies between its brands and its multiple stakeholders on a global scale.

As a fundamental basis of the new brand model, a strategic territory was defined for Telefónica which responded to the predominantly institutional role assumed by the brand, demonstrating its potential as a premier player on a technological, social and economic level.

In order to guarantee that the positioning and personality defined for Telefónica were aligned, a new visual identity was developed. The logo no longer manifests its former bright green color, highly associated with the technological world and a proprietary reference to a commercial mission. The Telefónica brand was re-staged as a white signature against a blue color field, to match its institutional role. The Telefónica photographic style became a narrative element where the key focal point, the earth and all that it sustains, is always viewed from an elevated visual perspective, demonstrating the corporation´s capacity of transforming possibilities into reality.

Finally, it was necessary to focus on the brand’s strategic role to key institutional areas—the Telefónica Foundation, sponsorships, Events and co-branding—to successfully elevate its new character and profile.