Telefónica embraces the power of “UNO”






Movistar, launched in 1994 by Telefónica, has been the company’s primary mobile phone brand, leading the category in the Spanish market and in key Latin American markets. However, Movistar’s management team realized that the brand needed to evolve in order to encompass the burgeoning world of technological opportunities created by convergence and the new digital landscape.

In order to better serve its more than 22 million customers in Spain alone and further expand internationally, Telefónica decided to reorganize its brand portfolio into a simplified and homogeneous model, one in which Movistar and O2 (which Telefónica acquired in 2005) would assume the commercial role and engage a wider range of audiences.

The magnitude and reach of Telefónica (which now operates in more than 20 different markets) turned its Movistar brand engagement project into an international one.

A series of “train the trainer” workshops with all local marketing teams in each Movistar market were held in order to not only share the new brand strategy and identity, but also to acquire local insights relevant to the launch and other ongoing projects. Those workshops included Telefónica employees along with their partners: the leading providers who worked with the brand in each market and also needed to understand it.

In addition to workshops, the internal engagement and launch program were presented with the theme of “UNO” (one), a reference to the suite of Telefónica products which were now branded Movistar in one unified, cohesive and converged brand identity.