The taste of sweet success

We made the Taikoo sugar brand more than just a commodity.






Taikoo, a once premium sugar brand from Hong Kong, established in 1881, realized that the only way to stop the erosion of profit margins was to market itself as something more than just a commodity.

By placing the emphasis on the foods sugar helps to create or enhance, rather than the product itself, the Taikoo brand had the opportunity to establish a greater emotional relationship with its existing and potential customers.

The central brand idea of “bringing out the best in every occasion” helped reposition Taikoo as the sugar of choice for all things sweet.

To reinforce the idea, as well as serve as the first proof-point in the “discovery of new experiences,” we created a new sub-brand of specialty sugars: “Taikoo Voyages.” The sub-brand acted as precursor to future line extensions outside of Taikoo’s traditional product stable.

The new packaging system came to life at the point-of-sale and regained Taikoo’s leading market position in Hong Kong while bringing greater success to markets in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

That’s success worth savoring.