Intelligent information and global reach

We fueled the revolutionary Thomson and Reuters merger.





Thomson Reuters

Separately Thomson and Reuters made their mark in the ever-changing landscape of information communications – together they can lead the global market.

We developed the most effective strategy to align the new Thomson Reuters brand with its business vision.

It became clear that Thomson and Reuters had strong but different brand aspects that had to remain intact in the new brand.

After a full analysis of these differentiating brand aspects, we drew out the Thomson Reuters’ brand personality.

Inspired by the dynamic motion of information flow, we seamlessly translated these strategic insights into creative expression.

Our digital brand management tools empower the brand to share its new vision consistently and guide ongoing brand management as the business evolves.

Setting the pace for how the industry grows, some 51,000 Thomson Reuters employees are educated and engaged in a brand that delivers intelligent information to an audience of millions.

As a trusted advisor to a diverse group of customers, Thomson Reuters redefines the rapid-fire information market. The brand declares what the business delivers—unrivaled access to richer content and broader capabilities across financial and professional markets.

No need to rethink this partnership.