Sumol + Compal

Tracking brand valuation post-merger





Sumol + Compal

Sumol + Compal is a Portuguese food & beverages company specializing in soft drink production and bottling. The company's principal activities are the manufacturing, marketing, bottling, selling, exporting, and distribution of various types of beverages, such as soft drinks, juices, nectars, bottled water, beers, plus other related products. Its main brands include Sumol, Compal, Tagus, Frize, and Água Serra da Estrela. The company operates in Europe and Africa. It was founded in 2008 through the merger of Sumol and Compal, two leading Portuguese companies with a long history and tradition.

Since 1994, Interbrand has successfully partnered with Compal time and time again – and this relationship has remained strong post-merger. Every two years, Interbrand performs a brand valuation tracking on Sumol + Compal and its brand portfolio, the most recent being in 2010. This helps the company continue to adjust its business and brand strategy to current market situations. The tracking provides essential information that serves to inform any investment and marketing decisions that Sumol + Compal makes.