See the bright tomorrow

SBS’s new vision resonates with its audience.






Since its launch, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has continued to reinforce its presence as a beloved broadcaster based on high viewer reliability and preference. However, despite its success, it still struggled with audience credibility issues, since it started as the only private, commercial broadcaster among the major terrestrial broadcasting companies in South Korea. It has also been seen as less concerned with public interest and impartiality: key virtues that a desirable broadcaster should possess. To address these problems, SBS sought the help of Interbrand in enhancing its brand power to be responsive to changes in market structure and competition.

To elevate SBS’s brand values, we developed the core brand idea of “Bright Perspective,” which embraced the values of benefit, public interest, and reliability. “Bright Perspective” represents SBS’s resolve to make the world a better place: to create “a bright point of view” in pursuit of public common good and human happiness. It also manifests the corporate vision to produce “bright and happy TV programming.”

After determining the core brand idea for SBS, we refined “The Eye of Wisdom” as its new corporate identity and developed “See the bright tomorrow” as a statement to communicate with viewers.

Since our work, SBS has strived in earnest to reestablish its brand values, starting with the announcement of its new vision and slogan at a vision declaration ceremony on January 4, 2010. The new identity strongly resonates with its viewers and has proved that a clear vision is a highly durable and effective way to elevate its brand value.