A one-stop shop

We helped Sensis keep Australians in touch with each other everyday.






In 2000, Australians, like everyone else in the world, were logging on to find what they needed.

Pacific Access, the Australian owner of Yellow and White Pages recognized the changes in Australians’ way of life and raced to embrace and reinvent itself for the online world.

With a vision to create Australia’s leading advertising, information and directories business, Pacific Access embarked on a major organizational change initiative that would revolutionize how Australians interacted with each other everyday.

We created the Sensis brand through a combination of research, brand strategy, and naming, all focused on the key idea of keeping Australian’s in touch with each other.

Our new identity communicates the way in which Sensis affects the daily life of all Australians and includes photography, sonic branding, and multi-media applications.

To further unify the organization, Interbrand developed a brand engagement program, to communicate Sensis’ new horizons.

The brand launched in 2000 and is now the one-stop shop to finding a business, service, or contact. Since the launch, Sensis has acquired more brands such as Trading Post, Australia’s largest print and online trading site, and developed “Where Is,” an online map directory.

The world has indeed changed dramatically since 2000 – and Sensis is there helping Australians keep in touch.