Anesthesiologists take center stage

We helped elevate the role of the anesthesiologist.





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Organon Anesthesia

Since the curare experiments of the 18th century, anesthesia has evolved from a rudimentary tactic to a sophisticated medical specialty.

But anesthesiologists represent the quiet intellectuals of the operating room and their contributions tend to go unnoticed.

We realized it was time for this to change.

We designed the Organon Anesthesia brand as a testament to the anesthesiologist. By showcasing the practice of anesthesia as an art form – and referencing the prestigious Organon pharmaceutical company – the brand encourages admiration of anesthesia and brings recognition to this elite group of professionals.

Organon Anesthesia highlights the importance of anesthesiologists, allowing these men and woman to take their rightful and long overdue place in the spotlight of the medical community.

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