Awakening anesthesia

Our name and designs helped Bridion revolutionize its category.





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The absence of a reliable reversal agent for neuromuscular block represented a true unmet need in anesthesia community, as the inability to quickly restore independent bodily functions was a constant threat to patient safety.

That is why Bridion, and its promise to completely reverse neuromuscular block in under five minutes, was poised to revolutionize the surgical process.

The revolutionary nature of this product served as creative inspiration for the Bridion branding.

The name, aspirational and inspiring, tells the story of a brighter future in anesthesia.

The simple, iconic graphics represent Bridion’s position as both a clean reversal agent and the essential component of a successful anesthesia regimen.

Vibrant and approachable, our designs awakened the category to a new definition of anesthesia – and a tomorrow marked by safety and success.

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