Girl power works for SKY Television

The right vibe delivers viewers and advertisers to a refocused channel.






Among its 100+ channels – offering a vast array of specialized content – are two generic channels: SKY 1 and SKY 2. We were asked to help reposition these channels to target viewers more accurately.

We worked with SKY to divide the two channels into male and female target markets. We were then challenged with creating a unique, distinctly female, channel identity that was meaningful and intriguing to women. Additionally, the identity needed to captivate and engage customers off screen when used in brand activities and promotion.

We named the channel "Vibe," a name that is sexy, fun, and snappy with an overtly female feel. We then created a welcoming, inspirational environment that was based the values we defined – individuality, intimacy, and a little naughtiness.

The new channel has received good vibes all around – from media companies, SKY staff, and viewers. Michael Watson, SKY’s Director of Marketing, sums up the end result as "an on-air look that is world class and delivers viewers to our platform."