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We helped Schering Plough establish its fertility treatment’s unique position.





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Schering Plough (formally Organon) developed a corifollitropin designed to simplify the regimen and thereby reduce the emotional stress associated with classic Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COS).

Explaining the story of the science and its end benefits was vital for establishing the treatment’s unique place in the fertility treatment options.

We made Schering Plough’s job easier by developing a scientific story for the compound to explain how corifollitropin replaces seven daily injections with only one. Subsequently, we developed the new class name, Sustained Follicle Stimulants (SFS), to equip physicians with the terminology to classify and discuss the compound more readily.

The scientific story bridged the gap between the drug’s mechanism of action and its therapeutic benefits.

Our story and new class name helped Schering Plough’s marketing and communications managers guide consistent and relevant messaging in medical publications, scientific symposia, advisory boards, and other scientific venues.

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