A legendary event looks to the future

We created a new identity for the Ryder Cup.





Ryder Cup

Interbrand’s challenge was to help this venerable brand ensure its relevance for the next generation of golf fans, while perpetuating the value inherent in its traditions.

To accomplish this goal, we partnered with the European Tour, PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, and the PGA of America to strengthen the Ryder Cup’s brand positioning and architecture. We developed an engaging new visual design system and activated the brand more completely in real and virtual environments.

We started by examining the Ryder Cup’s existing brand and worked to highlight its key differentiators through an assessment of the competitive landscape and the overall experience of the brand across key touchpoints. This analysis enabled our creative team to design a logo that positioned the brand as the premier golf brand, while also more accurately conveying the brand’s promise of “legendary experiences.”

The core of the new logo is the famous Ryder Cup, one of the most venerable icons in golf. The shield, which contains flags from the U.S. and Europe, exemplifies the dramatic competition between the two regions and the electricity of the event. The new mark, design system, and clearer brand vision help to balance the historic nature of the event, while also building greater relevance for the future.