Adding value by digging deeper

Rio Tinto’s re-established reputation revealed its real worth.





Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is one of the world’s largest mining companies, but its continual mergers and acquisitions had left it with a bewildering array of names and identities, which didn’t always include “Rio Tinto.”

The damage this caused was starkly illustrated by our brand valuation estimates, which convinced the board that it was imperative to invest in the Rio Tinto name.

From our deep and extensive research, we uncovered a message and positioning that was at the core of the company. We found that Rio Tinto was consistently committed to “Doing it right.” Not only did it display this dedication through innovation in technology, but also in caring for the local communities and environments in which it operates.

Placing this message at the heart of Rio Tinto’s new positioning proved a powerful and credible way to re-establish Rio Tinto’s reputation and regenerate its real worth.