From understanding to improving

We helped Repsol manage its brand value for the long-term.






We performed a comprehensive brand valuation of 60 plus business units in two of the company’s key markets, Spain and Argentina.

Our brand valuation work revealed 90 different segments, each with their own brand value drivers. It also uncovered inconsistencies in the company’s brand positioning, architecture, communication programs, and consumer expectations. These insights led to improvements in Repsol’s brand architecture and brand management.

To optimize Repsol’s brand architecture, we suggested gradually eliminating one of its brands to rationalize the portfolio and simplify brand management. Additionally, we helped Repsol improve its overall brand management, as this proved a key component to increasing its brand value.

The new signing system for the advertising formats achieved a consistent image of the company in a number of different existing communication formats.

To track the results of these improvements over time, we began another brand valuation project, which included Portugal, in addition to Spain and Argentina. The project is scheduled to close at the end of 2008.

In the following years, we will continue to track how the parameters of Repsol’s brand value are changing over time and help maintain a consistent strategy and visual identity for the brand.