Reinventing dealerships

Renault offers new ways of selling automotive






Recent years have witnessed huge changes regarding shopping, but especially shopping for cars. Today, customers are more informed about their choices, having utilized the internet extensively to narrow their decision process. This is why Renault had to reinvent its network and create a unified buying journey, from web to reality, consistent with the brand’s values, in order to win more share of their increasingly competitive market segment.

Interbrand’s team has imagined the Renault Store as a Customer Centric experience. In a modern dealership the customer is a client from the sale through the entire owning experience, and must be at the heart of the brand. They live both a digital and physical experience where their mobile devices are always within reach and they feel empowered and in control, so they requires a place that encourages discovery. Vehicles are highlighted via dedicated “Zones” that communicate the distinct attributes of each model, and the store is built around the Renault Road concept which enables a clear presentation of offers and more efficient overall organization.

In keeping with the Customer Centric idea, reception is now placed at the core of the dealership. Now a real informative tool, it has been designed to get customers’ attention and encourage interaction.

The “Bar de Marque” allows a customer to continue a store experience as a natural extension of their digital experience at home. Tablet computers are available for access to information about Renault’s Brand innovations, special offers, and owning experience. Software allows customers who have configured a car on their computer at home to access their saved vehicles in the store for a seamless journey.

The Renault Store is now an asset to the brand, reflecting Renault’s identity and values. From the design to the organization, Interbrand created a more welcoming and efficient place, where employees are no longer sellers but advisors and guides, thus breaking the traditional codes of the shopping process. This new attitude can be echoed in the Espace de Marque, a zone of comfort and relaxation where screens display the brand news and events.

Since its launch at the beginning of 2013, the Renault Store has brought new activity to the Brand, in a more attractive and digitally connected place. The Group plans to roll out the Renault Store internationally during first quarter of 2013.