Migrating to Randstad

From Sesa Select to Randstad, with the support of our global offices






Established in Argentina for over fifty years, Sesa Select is a company that offers various human resource services. In 2008, Sesa Select was acquired by Randstad, the second largest human resource services company in the world. With the help of Interbrand offices around the world, Sesa Select migrated to Randstad smoothly, on a global scale.

Interbrand is a strategic partner to Randstad in various locations, including the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada. When the company’s branch in Argentina contacted us, they asked us to assist them in the total migration of Sesa Select to Randstad, while reinforcing their efforts to build a strong and unique global brand and expand strategically within the country.

The challenge was to successfully incorporate Randstad’s core qualities, without losing the considerable recognition Sesa Select had gained. Enriched by the migration expertise gleaned from Interbrand’s global network, we developed a new brand strategy that highlighted the most unique local aspects, while incorporating the best practices and qualities at the global level.

In order to achieve a successful migration, we conducted Brand Engagement training, which gave new employees an opportunity to become familiar with the new brand. Most importantly, the training helped employees become champions of the migration, at the internal level, during face-to-face interaction with clients and for the market in general.