Joint value creation

Analytics and shopper-based design drive results for P&G





Procter & Gamble

Creating more productive shopping environments begins with in-depth understanding of the target shopper. Our proprietary analytic tools and methodologies get to the heart of her emotional and rational needs. Retail design expertise allows us to execute against those insights into her behavior style and in-store decision making.

We then focus on the customer experience—at shelf, within the category, the department and ultimately the store—to influence purchase. We develop adjacencies and shelf principles that help drive trial and regimen adoption. Retailer-specific executions improve the in store communication, shopping experience, elevate the category and provide an advantage to P&G brands.

Over the years, our contribution to P&G has ranged from naming and package design to interior design; as well as the development of their retail facility, the Mr. Clean Performance Car Wash.

Through our partnership, P&G has seen significant results, both in the sales of their products as well as in the improved relationships with retail partners—a win for the consumer, the retailer and P&G.