Reinventing Nougat

A redesign that sent sales through the roof






Plumari is an Argentinian company focused on the development, production and commercialization of hair dyes for both men and women. The company was founded in 1964 and currently sells equally to national and international markets.

Interbrand has been working with Plumari for more than 2 years, providing the company with business advice and helping in the development of its brands, including Nougat, a brand of hair products for women. With Nougat, the challenge was to differentiate a brand that did not stand out among others in its category, and transform it into something truly unique that would set it apart from both national and international competitors.

The point of departure was defining its brand platform, while attempting to put a fresh spin on a notion that is commonly incorporated into this category’s messaging: natural beauty or a natural look. The focus was to bend this concept, and shift it from an external quality to a quality that women embody. This idea resulted in the concept, “Awaken the natural in you.”

The most iconic product of the line is the “semi-permanent” dye, which is unique to the market. The challenge we faced with this particular line was bringing a fresh, new look that would endure, while also highlighting the iconic aspect of the brand. To differentiate this line from others in its category, we developed an innovative proposal: avoiding the use of models on the packaging design and making hair the protagonist instead. By using the codes of cosmetic laboratories throughout the line, we made the brand’s distinction from the others in the category even clearer and developed a design that would appeal to what is simple, fresh and beautiful in all women.

The redesign resulted in very successful sales for Plumari. Just three weeks after the initial launch of the new package, the company ran out of stock and opened the doors to a new market: Panama.