Connecting people and delivering a better experience

Defining a new mobile communication brand for a global audience






Established in 2008, Feixun Communication Co. is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research, development and innovation of mobile communication products. In addition to its focus on production, business expansion and the exploration of new markets, Feixun was increasingly interested in growing its brand and strengthening its relationship with consumers. Determined to improve user experience and enrich lives, Feixun also wanted to convey its vision effectively and become a recognizable global brand.

In August 2011, Feixun consulted with Interbrand about developing a name and visual identity for a new brand. Offering smart mobile solutions, the new networking and communication brand needed a name and look that reflected connectedness, efficiency and exceptional user experience. After discussions and interviews with management, employees and customers, Interbrand collaborated with Feixun to create a name that expressed the energy and promise of the new brand: PHICOMM.

Simple and easy to pronounce, PHICOMM has broad appeal and references the very process the company’s products enhance: communication. Solidifying its global image, the new brand debuted at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), a consumer computer and electronics trade show and conference held in Dubai. Making waves internationally and growing at a rapid pace, the PHICOMM brand is helping Feixun expand into new markets and fulfill its core commitment: enriching people’s lives through superior mobile technology.