A promise kept, a promise made and a promise renewed.

How Interbrand brought new life to a well-known wine brand.





Peter Lehmann Wines

Peter Lehmann Wines has a rich and inspiring history. The brand is well-known in Barossa, one of Australia’s leading wine regions. Peter is famous for his relationship with (and commitment to) the local growers.

After 15 years of being in business, Peter Lehmann Wines faced a distinct challenge. The company had reached a point where its bottles looked remarkably similar, but had significantly different price points. This not only confused consumers, but it also eroded any premium associations they had with the brand.

Interbrand’s strategy was to focus on the idea of ‘True Promise,’ a brand platform that could speak to the past, present and future through the attributes of a promise kept, a promise made and a promise renewed. We put ‘promise’ at the heart of the Peter Lehmann Wines story, a story made relevant for today’s marketplace as the ‘old way of doing new business.’

Visually, the proposition and attributes drove the style of each product range -- driving a contemporary style for a range like Art Series and a more refined, traditional style for the core Classics, Portrait, Excellence and Stonewell ranges. Interbrand’s architecture solution was brand-driven and went well beyond the simplistic volume and value dimensions traditionally used to separate product ranges.

Each label celebrates Peter in an unmistakable way. His silhouette unites the product ranges and becomes an instant signpost within a store.

The verbal expression established by Interbrand was influenced by the stories we uncovered and by the bold promises that were made by the Peter Lehmann brand over the years.

Peter Lehmann Wines tell real stories -- stories that give consumers a sense of Peter’s character and the style of wine he sells.

In partnering with Interbrand, Peter Lehmann Wines is back on the map – and, unmistakably, back on the shelf.