A name to savor.

Infusing a new range of dips and spreads with universal appeal.






PepsiCo and the Strauss Group came together to introduce a range of fresh, refrigerated dips and spreads into new global markets—a joint venture that needed a name with the right flavor. To inspire consumers to try out the new line—first in Mexico and then around the world—the name would need to appeal across cultures and distill the essence of the brand’s attributes: a savory array of snack ready products that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

To inform our brief, we conducted a global social listening audit, assessing the ways that people talked about dips and spreads around the world. Based on the input we received, our core creative themes emerged: journey, connection, and shared adventure. The direction was set, but how do you create a name that will resonate in markets as varied as Mexico, Turkey, Australia, and Brazil?

Because the name had to appeal globally, we knew we couldn’t rely on a single language of origin, so we focused on creating the right tonality instead. It was also critical that name candidates be easy to read, write, spell, and pronounce in ALL key geographies. For that reason, we emphasized consonant sounds that exist in every language, and stuck to simple, singular vowel sounds.

Once we’d arrived at a shortlist, we used our Name-Gauge name validation methodology to help key stakeholders understand how the names performed relative to one another in all key markets. With the aid of this evaluation, they were able to make a final choice.

Obela, the fetching name we coined for the new product line, was announced in June 2012. Achieving a compelling musicality, the name’s soft, culturally ambiguous blend of sounds exudes harmony, universal appeal and quiet exuberance. A romantic designation that ultimately originates from a word with very positive connotations (“Bellus,” meaning beauty) and a language that is the root or a component of so many others (Latin), Obela is sure to tantalize consumers in Mexico and beyond as PepsiCo and Strauss take their fresh new flavors to every corner of the world.