Renewing the Orona spirit for the future

We defined a brand strategy and architecture for a forward-looking brand.






Orona Group, the leading Spanish elevator company, with more than 90 operative centers in Spain, France, and United Kingdom, needed to radically update its organizational and business structure.

Interbrand reorganized Orona’s brand architecture with the goal of establishing one strong and unified corporate brand.

The redesign of the identity provided clarity and organization to the brand architecture, while avoiding brand canibalizations within the same organization.

We updated the visual identity to transmit the new attributes: compromise, trust, and agility. We used the bright colors of green and yellow to suggest Orona’s environmental consciousness: an important initiative undertaken by the company.

Interbrand then helped Orona with the implementation of the new brand. The result is a brand faithful to its promise as “a team of agile professionals that can be trusted for their promise to meet client satisfaction and focus on what really matters.”

The new brand was presented at an adhoc event attended by its national and international directors. Today, Orona’s unified, global brand reinforces Orona’s strength and allows it to achieve greater success.