A return to personal service

We helped Ocado revolutionize the UK grocery market.






The plan was to revolutionize the UK grocery market and, in doing so, build an offering centered on the customer. No longer would people need to drive to warehouses disguised as supermarkets. This was the opportunity to return to personal service.

Our role extended beyond the traditional. We created the brand idea of “every touch counts,” and a name and identity to support that. We were instrumental in appointing the team and agencies that created the user experience, front end web development, PR, and advertising.

The name is based on the word “avocado” to give an idea of food. It sounds very warm and open, suggesting the high quality of service Ocado offers. The identity is based on six recognizable fruit and vegetables to bring the idea of natural protection to life.

Today, Ocado is the world's largest dedicated online grocery retailer with an active customer base of 335,000 and annual sales exceeding UK£ 716 million.