A sustainable story

With our help Novozymes’ future looks bright.





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Novozymes, the world leader in bioinnovations, wanted to break free from the classic sustainability image.

We helped by creating a new branding – “Rethink Tomorrow” – that focused on Novozymes’ creation of innovations for a brighter future, and its ability to help industrial customers see themselves as a part of a sustainable future.

To rethink tomorrow means to continually explore possibilities. As such, the visual identity system that we developed could be applied in an almost infinite number of ways depending on the communication need.

The broad range of applications we designed, which include print, electronic media, tradeshow, and signage, all demonstrate the range of possibilities of the system and convey the story of Novozymes’ continuous progress.

The new branding inspired a vibrant, new, corporate culture, drove new approaches to business, and transformed the way the company expresses itself both verbally and visually.

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