Giving new focus to a brilliant brand

We helped Nikon express its vision for a new era.






After a careful analysis of Nikon’s position in the market and industry, we clarified Nikon’s aspirations for the future and defined a new vision for Nikon Imaging Company, the core of the group’s visual imaging business.

The new brand statement, “At the heart of the image,” was employed worldwide as an expression of the essential value and promise of the Nikon brand.

Additionally, we created a dynamic new brand symbol to take Nikon into a new era. It maintains the company’s trademark black and yellow color scheme, and updates it with sequential rays of light that represent the infinite possibilities of imaging.

The new corporate identity system symbolizes Nikon’s mission, aspirations, and commitment to the customer.

When Nikon introduced the new brand symbol in 2003, great care was taken to consistently apply it across all touchpoints to create the feeling of a pervasive “Nikon World” – one that is characterized by innovative technology, intuitive functionality, and matchless quality.

The world expects nothing less than the best from this brilliant icon of imaging.