Competing with kiwifruit not from “Kiwi-land”

How Zespri got sweet again.






Side-by-side on the shelves with kiwifruit from other parts of the world, and competing with lower prices and varied quality, the company had no specific identity to help shoppers quickly find their fruit in a busy market.

In response to this, we developed a new structure and branding identity strategy under the name ZespriTM.

Consumers told researchers that the Zespri™ kiwifruit was “ugly as sin and tasty as hell,” that it “enlivens the senses” and appeals on both a physical and spiritual level. “It’s like having a shower: physically good and emotionally uplifting,” said one Japanese consumer.

ZespriTM captured all of this in one idea, unleashing the tangy essence of what was uniquely New Zealand – to be trademarked around the world.

Our new identity reflected the zestiness and liveliness of the fruit, and moved it from the category of perishable commodity into the premium-priced consumer goods bracket.

By 2005 the Zespri™ brand program allowed New Zealand growers to regain their ownership of the market. Exporting over 60 million trays of kiwifruit to 70 countries annually, it became the largest producer in the world.