A brand to match a number one status

Multiópticas shows off its new image.






Multiópticas is a consolidated brand, with more than 30 years in the optical market, more than 2000 employees, and more than 530 point of sales. The brand needed a practical, functional, and attractive brand refresh.

After carrying out an extensive market study, we identified that Multiópticas had acquired an inconsistent and outdated brand image. The point of sales were old-fashioned and lacked unified, cohesive messaging, a fact which has led to a deterioration of the brand and an ambiguous and inefficient in-store experience.

The brand was updated to reflect its rigor as a leader. The luminous blue of the brand speaks directly to its audience, transmitting humanity, while also mantaining the clinical nature of the brand with the color white. The accent on the letter “O” has become a differentiating element that is emphasized in the brand’s furniture design and television spots.

Multiópticas’s new, more accessible brand image, emphasizes relevance and renewal. The improved store concept, which features a modern layout, invites the consumer to enter and experiment with the brand and better enables store traffic.

The updated shopfront improves visibility and attracts consumers. To attract the attention of pedestrian traffic, we created a compact version of the logo that allows for lateral vision.

The new Multiópticas identity not only reflects the values of a leader, but also the value of a brand that doesn’t just lead, but also innovates.