Putting Moreton Bay and Islands on the the map

More than just a holiday.





Moreton Bay and Islands

Unfortunately the area had long been overshadowed by the popular destinations of the Sunshine Coast to the north and the Gold Coast to the south. As a result, it suffered from a fractured tourist offering and lacked a clear and cohesive positioning in a crowded market.

The time had come to put Moreton Bay and Islands on the world map.

In this fast-paced world of affluence and indulgence, our research uncovered an unmet consumer desire for authenticity and simplicity — an escape to a place where it is possible to connect with nature and people in a genuine way.

With this insight, we saw that there was an opportunity for the brand to move beyond the tired and conventional “fun and sun” and “natural beauty” propositions of competing destinations. As a region of immense and intense contrasts, we focused the brand around the idea of “living senses,” a place unlike no other which can bring you closer to what is truly important in life.

The idea of offering more, contained in the name “Moreton,” was born. To champion the region’s sensory diversity, we developed a unique and flexible brand identity. The area’s tapestry of experiences, stories and characters are all housed within the graphic device of “M.”

But we realized that the power in telling the story of Moreton Bay and Islands lay not only in images – but also in words. Playing off the word “more,” we developed a tone of voice that allowed for endless opportunities to express the ways in which the destination offers more to discover, more to see and more to experience.

A secondary graphic device based on the “more than” symbol was also developed. This clever extraction from the brand identity serves as a memorable tool to tell the story of the region.