A breakthrough concept in a traditional market

Happy, the pleasure of gifting






Monceau Fleur, France’s leading flower retailer, wanted to reinvent the way flowers are sold. With an innovative idea to democratize impulse buying, allowing customers to select from a range of fresh flowers to compose their own bouquets, Monceau Fleur solicited Interbrand’s expertise to help them develop and brand their concept.

Tapping into the core reason people buy flowers, our team developed an identity around the pleasure of gifting. We then translated this idea through a simple name suggestive of pleasure, festivity and spontaneity: Happy. To ensure a successful launch, we developed and deployed a cohesive brand identity across all customer touchpoints, from the store concept to packaging.

Since the technical area required to prepare floral arrangements in the traditional way was no longer necessary, store sizes could be reduced. To optimize these smaller retail spaces, we emphasized simplicity and incorporated modular furniture. For the visual identity, we selected black as a background color to create a dramatic impression and call attention to the break from market trends. We also developed thoughtful packaging solutions such as a paper bag with long handles, which would allow customers to conveniently carry bouquets over their shoulders.

Giving customers the option to create and customize their own bouquets is a novel concept in a traditional market. To part with tradition successfully, Monceau Fleur needed a well-defined brand, strong positioning and creative guidance that would help them deliver a pleasant customer experience. A concept that has now been implemented in France, Germany, Portugal and Japan— with an average turnover of 450 000€ per store –Happy is clearly a hit.