A financial giant

We helped Mizuho drive cross sales and profit.






Mizuho, a highly visible financial organization in Japan, became the first trillion-dollar banking group when it brought together three banking giants in 2000: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank and Industrial Bank of Japan.

The newly unified bank recognized a need to better use its brand to promote cross sales of financial services among its retail and wholesale banking operations as well as its securities arm.

Our response was a complete review of Mizuho’s brand architecture, the creation of a more compelling and consistently applied visual identity system, and a set of integrated brand guidelines.

The resulting brand identity is a simple yet sophisticated logotype in blue, underscored by a striking red arc. The arc represents the sun rising above the horizon – testimony to Mizuho employees’ passion and commitment to everything they do.

Customer feedback has been incredibly positive and account numbers and balances continue to grow.

Mizuho completed its merger in late 2002. Its new and integrated identity has become a highly visible force in Japan.