A breath of fresh air

Mexicana renewed its personality at every point of contact.






With more than 87 years of constant effort and hard work under its wings, the world class aviation company, Mexicana, unveiled a new positioning. The company was determined to reinvent itself and set its launch against the backdrop of a global economic crisis and a demanding competitive environment.

From ticket sleeves to the development of a new loyalty program, to sales and the corporate website and new uniforms, we helped Mexicana implement a complete image transformation. Every aspect of the brand experience and expression was attended to.

The main challenge was to bring renewed life to Mexicana. We defined a territory that enabled it to express new attributes such as freshness, sleekness, innovation, and warmth, while naturally maintaining those attributes that have long defined the brand, such as reliability and experience.

The airline’s new face just launched and so far the buzz has been excellent.