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How Medtronic leveraged its brand to unify its business and drive performance





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Medtronic, a global leader in medical devices, faced an interesting (and common) branding issue: As the business grew and became increasingly diversified, the question arose whether the brand was unique and differentiating enough to be representative of an innovation leader. Medtronic partnered with InterbrandHealth in an effort to adapt its brand to its changing global footprint. 

In meeting with both internal and external stakeholders, InterbrandHealth found that, through the marriage of technology and the human body, Medtronic had the unique ability to change the way chronic conditions are both managed and experienced. Using this insight, InterbrandHealth worked with Medtronic to distill the corporate business objectives into a clear masterbrand architecture and brand platform. 

InterbrandHealth also created an iconic visual identity system to unify the portfolio and convey the transformative power of Medtronic’s products. InterbrandHealth adopted the historical Medtronic logo as the starting point for the new corporate design, but built a system around it to heighten the brand’s emotional impact. While the Medtronic logo conveyed the emergence of health from sickness; the surrounding graphics expanded beyond the functional benefit to express the sense of wonder elicited by Medtronic’s innovations.

The Medtronic case is a strong example of how InterbrandHealth’s creative process is not about designing a new logo for the sake of designing a new logo. It’s about leveraging and aligning existing visual identity elements around a new idea. Simply put, InterbrandHealth’s creative process is about maximizing and enhancing existing equities wherever relevant and generating entirely new ones whenever needed.

Ultimately, Medtronic’s new brand identity helped shape the way customers experience medical devices and, in doing so, elevated Medtronic’s already-strong position within the category.

Medtronic’s new visual identity, messaging platform and brand architecture effectively communicated the true meaning of its brand to all of its constituents: Medtronic is in the business of transforming lives through innovative technology.

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