Transforming the customer experience from inside out





McDonald’s Brand Book

Interbrand Australia was tasked with articulating a new, powerful direction for the employees at McDonald’s, which would ultimately transform the customer experience. Rather than reinvent what McDonald’s stands for, we designed a program focused on rediscovering the magic at the heart of the brand.

We looked at why people flock to McDonald’s for an instant pick me up and have for generations. We also looked at why 85,000 Australians come to work every single day at McDonald’s. What did people value? What more could be done to enhance the experience?

Our analysis showed a high value for the brand’s existing speed and efficiency of product delivery, but that more of a balance was needed between executing the promise of fast food and an element of entertainment and fun. The need for speed must be respected while injecting a new, healthy dose of magic and enjoyment for each and every customer visit.

Building on the internal service promise of ‘Dedicated to Enjoyment,’ we developed: Showtime. This concept repositions McDonald’s employees as performers. Essentially tasked with putting on a show for their customers, it allows both customer and employee to experience the true magic of the McDonald’s brand. As Ray Kroc, the founder, once said: “We are not in the burger business, we’re in show business.”

“Showtime’” was recently launched internally to 4,000 Restaurant Managers, in Singapore, at a Cirque de Soleil themed conference, along with a copy of the brand book we designed for every manager. This brand book represents the culmination of the first phase of ongoing work designed to revitalize the McDonald’s service promise.

The book itself is large format and interactive, featuring peel off stickers, reflective paper and a fold out poster. It communicates a large scale, strategic shift in the business through a simple, captivating and relevant voice – a voice that is distinctly McDonald’s.