Elevating a “flat” province takes spirited energy

We paved the way for Manitobans to bring the world to their province.






Topographically, Manitoba is Canada’s flattest province – but culturally, it’s just the opposite. Full of energy, culture and spirit, the province looked to us for a fresh way to attract new residents, tourists, and business investment while feeding the pride of all Manitobans.

Over 9,000 people visited the website we launched as a kick-off and introduction to the project. And of those 9,000, approximately 1,100 residents and non-residents responded to a survey posted on the site that solicited current opinions and perceptions of the province. About 91 percent of respondents felt the need for Manitoba to rejuvenate its default reputation. As did many of the people we spoke to in more than 75 one-on-one interviews and multiple focus groups.

With continued research, Manitoba’s rich history and diversity, successful arts and business communities, and a plentitude of natural resources, repeatedly shone through. But the common theme that continued to resonate was captured in our core idea for the brand – “Spirited Energy.” It’s what propels the province and its people, and drives their success. And when the new brand was launched in June 2006 across three of Manitoba’s major cities, it’s what drove an initial 70 percent support rate.

Showcased through multiple channels, including a website, advertising, street banners, and clothing, the new brand continued to garner passionate responses from residents across the province following the launch.

As a means of measuring this feedback, we implemented an ongoing brand measurement system. Using a scorecard that measures brand application usage, residents, tourism, economic development and immigration, we developed a “dashboard” that the province can use to continue to guide its strategy and evaluate success.

For this prairie province, flat is no longer dull.