Trust and peace of mind

We helped leverage the value of Mevalotin.





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Mevalotin, a dyslipidemia drug, has enjoyed the leading position in the cholesterol lowering drug market in Japan since its launch in 1986. Escalation of competition over the years, however, required that Mevalotin’s brand position be redefined to remain competitive.

According to research, the long-standing values of Mevalotin were identified as “trust” and “peace of mind.” Interbrand determined that these values should be leveraged with new brand positioning and created the brand statement, “The First Approach.” We also developed a new brand symbol to reinforce the new message.

We applied the visual identity to marketing tools such as product brochures and a new advertising format so as to convey Mevalotin’s distinctive values to the target audience, along with doctors and pharmacists.

Another important objective of the project was to link Mevalotin to a clinical trial called MEGA (Multiple Environmental and Genetic Assessment) study, which would endorse the use of Mevalotin. We composed the study in such a way as to share a common visual element with Mevalotin in order to create a brand association.

The result was a reinvigorated brand efficiently communicated in an identifiable and consistent manner. The series of ads produced for the new brand position won Nikkei Ad Awards in both 2006 and 2007.

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