Back to the future

Lurchi’s new “branding” adventure






Children’s shoemaker Lurchi is one of “the” venerable German brands. It’s blessed with authentic historical roots, excellent brand recognition and a favorable image.

Although the heritage brand had forfeited little of its visibility and popularity since it was introduced in 1904, and could point to generations of brand loyalists, Lurchi found itself in a difficult position in 2009.

That’s when the brand found it was no longer generating sufficient sales volume and revenue. Its relevance among its target groups had also decreased greatly because Lurchi-made shoes were weakly distributed within an increasingly challenging market environment. Moreover, it didn’t offer a shoe collection of its own, nor did it avail itself of a differentiating brand profile and modern brand management. In short, the brand was surviving on the basis of its reputation, and it had become essential to reposition and revitalize the Lurchi brand in order to boost its sales and become top of mind again.

In the autumn of 2010, the brand introduced its first line of children’s shoes under its own name, sold in specialty stores and boutiques, and supported by a completely revised brand identity. The brand relaunch capitalized on Lurchi’s established, positive image, while enhancing the brand’s relevance with appealing design to attract new target groups.

The new brand positioning is based on the idea that Lurchi stands for childhood — a childhood that lets kids be kids, happy and carefree.

The brand positioning supports the view that there’s an explorer in every child, and that it is Lurchi’s mission to make every day a safe, exciting adventure. While every child is special, there are some things that all children have in common: an unquenchable curiosity and thirst for knowledge and fun; unbounded imagination; and the certainty that anything is possible. Families can be confident that Lurchi’s high-quality footwear supports children on those adventures, as the brand for little explorers who are full of energy — every step of the way.