A soda for adults

Frusion: Free of alcohol, but full of style






Lion Nathan, an alcoholic beverages company with operations in Australia and New Zealand, produces and markets a wide range of beer, wine and spirits. The organization realized there was a great opportunity in the marketplace for a sophisticated soft drink with a distinctly adult image. Lion Nathan commissioned Interbrand to develop a brand name and packaging for a non-alcoholic beverage – one that would enable consumers to feel confident and empowered when surrounded by individuals drinking alcohol.

Interbrand developed the brand name and packaging design for Frusion -- Lion Nathan’s soda for adults. For each flavor of Frusion, Interbrand created a unique, almost geometric camouflage look, with a sophisticated pattern developed by algorithm. The dynamic interconnectivity of the patterns – and each flavor’s contemporary and confident color scheme -- reflects the core brand’s values of “effortless togetherness.”

Lion Nathan successfully launched Frusion in the summer of 2011.