Enrich yourself!

A brand promise comes to fruition.






In 2007, the Croatian food and beverage group Podravka acquired fruit juice producer Lero in order to expand its market position in non-alcoholic beverages.

The Lero brand has been around for many years, but has been overshadowed by strong competitors over time. The brand positioning, product portfolio, design and communication no longer met the requirements of the rapidly changing Croatian market.

Interbrand developed a new positioning for Lero to create a competitive profile and restore the brand’s relevance. This new brand for fruit beverages offers the perfect products to meet very different needs, whether quiet enjoyment, fruity refreshment or a healthy lifestyle.

This brand promise – Enrich yourself! – is carried through to the product portfolio, which is divided into three categories: pure juice pleasure, refreshing fruit and functional fruit.

The Lero logo was carefully updated to align with the new brand positioning. Two distinctive and striking packaging designs were developed for the Saftgenuss and Erfrischung categories and a unique bottle was developed for fruit juices used in the food service industry. Podravka and consumers alike were impressed by the unique brand promise as well as its interpretation at the visual and verbal levels – the market clearly shows the fruits of our labor.