Bringing freshness to the brand

How we added flavor to Natuur’s new brand identity.






Even though it launched over 10 years ago, the Korean retail ice cream brand Natuur’s consumer presence was weak. To improve the relatively diluted brand image of Natuur, Interbrand embarked on crafting a new brand identity and brand platform for the brand. We then updated its visual identity and packaging, helping to differentiate it from its competitors.

The brand audit revealed that the Natuur brand was only recognized for using natural ingredients. The functional aspect of the brand was highlighted, but customers were seeking more sensitive and appealing values in a premium ice cream.

To narrow the breach, we conceived a core brand idea of “Warm Heart” to embody the values of an ideal premium ice cream, while embracing existing brand equities, such as “nature” and “purity.”

After creating the core brand idea, we clearly listed step by step internal and external activities for branding which the client can carry out. This stage demonstrated how important establishing a specific implementation plan is for producing a more sophisticated output.