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We helped Korea Ginseng Corp. to expand their brand portfolio





Good Base

The Korea Ginseng Corporation boasts peerless market share in the Korean ginseng market with its brand “Cheong-Kwan-Jang.” Driven by the unchallenged status of its brand Cheong-Kwan-Jang in the premium red ginseng market, the Korea Ginseng Corporation decided to develop a sub-brand to attract a larger consumer base.

Interbrand focused on developing a quality red ginseng brand to be sold at reasonable prices. In order to project the image of a brand that would add vitality to everyday life, Interbrand formulated the concept, “Red Ginseng in Daily Life.” In preparation for the future growth of the brand globally, we undertook product naming with a focus on choosing a name that would be easy to remember for Koreans and easy to pronounce in English for foreigners. “Good Base” along with the tagline “Good red ginseng as a basis for good health” were chosen following a consumer survey.

Interbrand then developed a brand identity to express both the design theme and the brand image of “Good Base” as a leading red ginseng brand. The brand identity, a simple and modern word mark, was designed to attract attention and work well across diverse product lines.

Good Base is now the brand name for a wide range of products -- from red ginseng jellies for children to red ginseng juice -- making it another leading brand of the Korea Ginseng Corporation.