The habit to Success

The declaration of Korea Economic Daily’s new identity





Korea Economic Daily

The emergence of advanced multimedia channels has resulted in radical changes for the newspaper industry. In order to help Korea Economic Daily survive and flourish in this harsh environment, Interbrand undertook the creation of a brand identity strategy, as well as an improved visual identity system.

The brand audit revealed that Korea Economic Daily’s failure to establish a strong emotional bond with a target readership was the weak link in its market proposition. To overcome its current difficulties and ensure that it secured leadership in the financial category, we extracted a new core brand idea of “wisdom,” which would allow the company to improve its position as “a newspaper of greater depth and insight” than competitors. Along with the core brand idea, we developed a brand statement “the Habit to Success” to effectively convey this brand identity to its audience. We also emphasized a calm and rational tone of voice to deliver a professional tone and manner.

In the course of implementation, we were able to elicit a high level of client satisfaction. And the full-scale application of horizontal writing can certainly be recognized as a remarkable accomplishment for the editorial design of a newspaper—the most conservative media in terms of visual expression.