A window into a new Korea

We helped boost Korean tourism with a new verbal and visual identity.





Korea Sparkling

Based on in-depth analysis and comparison to other successful tourism campaigns, we created a new core strategy and verbal identity for Korea. The identity, which translates to “Korea, Sparkling” embodies the vitality and enthusiasm that can only be experienced in Korea, evoking the powerful emotions and dynamism of local culture.

Using a window as a motif, our new visual identity combines the past with the future, expressing Korea’s traditional legacy and progressive spirit. The window conveys the vibrant, inner emotion of Korea, while allowing global travelers to imagine and experience their own version of Korea.

Korea’s new identity launched in April 2007 around the world and in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008, Korean tourism moved from 64th place to 31st among 130 countries.

That’s the power of branding!