With the Monsieur in mind

We helped reinvent JPG’s famous male grooming product.






By 2006, a next generation of male grooming products was in order. Beauté Prestige International, the company in charge of the marketing, production, and distribution of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, looked to us to name the brand and capture its vision.

We delivered against one key criterion: differentiation.

The word "Monsieur" – different from "Homme" (man) and more couture – was selected to identify the range of products.

The design was anchored by a retro look that fits with the world of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand: a combination of black and white, modern and ancient, Paris and the world combined.

Why a retro style? Because retro is French and so is Monsieur.

This is a truly unique design that has no equivalent to date on the market. BPI and Jean Paul Gaultier were incredibly pleased with our work and sought to further our relationship by engaging in additional design initiatives in retail design, product design, and visual identity.